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Premium Shredded Hardwood - No additives.  It's dark in color by the natural process of composting.



Brown and Black-Color Enhanced Mulches - Great for adding long lasting color to your landscape.  Inhibits weed growth and insulates plants.  Safe for children and animals.  (black pictured)


Fill Dirt - can be used for filling in a depression, creating a mound, or otherwise changing the grading or elevation of your property. Not suitable for growing grass.


Screened Topsoil - Screened topsoil is ideal for starting a new lawn or garden or improving the soil in any given area.  Worked into existing soil, screened topsoil improves its texture, friability and water-retention properties.


Planters Mix - A combination of 3 parts sifted top soil with one part of LeafGro®.  Great for vegetable and flower gardens.


Leafgro® - A superior quality compost used as a source of humus for soil improvement. Leafgro® is an outstanding example of recycling at its best: composting leaves and grass clippings that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill, the Maryland Environmental Service converts organic wastes into a valuable resource.




Playground Surface - Woodcarpet is an engineered wood fiber playground surfacing that is affordable and resilient.